CutestPetContest.com is currently accepting entries for our quarterly cutest pet photo contest. All of the entries we receive are voted on by our site viewers. The pets with the most votes will win a spot in our next book and qualify as semi-finalists with a chance of winning $1,000.00 in cash. Trophies & $100 Pet Smart Gift Cards will be awarded each quarter and the grand prize is awarded annually. There are absolutely no fees or subsidy payments required to enter the contest. Enter your cutest pet pic today to receive cash and prizes including a cash grand prize of $1,000.00.


In addition, 10 pet photos will be chosen to grace the cover of our next Cutest Pet Photo Book; six photos on the back cover and 4 photos on the front cover. That means there are 10 more chances for your pet to be a winner! "We refer to the 10 photos selected for the cover as our Cover Pets. In addition, roughly 10% of the entries we receive will also win a spot on the inside pages of the next book. Therefore, you have a 1 in 10 chance of having your photo published in a major publication," said Dr. Rex Naylor, contest volunteer. "Last year, 1,500 photos were placed in print out of nearly 15,000 entries. With odds like these, wouldn't you'd be an absolute fool not to enter the contest today," continues Dr. Naylor.


You Could Win A Chance To Have Your Pet Published You Could Win A Chance To Become A "Cover Pet" You Could Win $1,000.00 In Cold, Hard Cash You Could Win A Beautiful Show Quality Trophy You Could Win A $100 Pet Smart Gift Card You Could Win A Luxurious Award Frame You Could Win A Winner's Certificate And the list goes on and on???.


We receive many great pet photos each quarter from pet owners just like you. The type of pet doesn't matter, although dogs & cats are the majority of our entries. What does matter is that you have fun by showing off your pet photos to the world and competing for cash and prizes. The cutest pet picture contest is open to everyone where allowed by law. "We must exclude professional photographers & professional show pets, but everyone else is welcome to enter. Picture it if your pet is one of the 1,500 pets chosen for printing this year. You'd be bragging to everyone you know & showing off as if you're a famous movie star," said Dr. Naylor.


Click here to view some of our previous winners...


Possibly you read about us in a pet lover's magazine or maybe a friend told you about our site. Regardless of why you're here, we are sure you share a common bond with us. You love your pet! And if you're like most pet owners, you think that your own pet is the cutest. We are here to shower your pet with praise along with Cash & Prizes. So now it's time for you to join in the fun and compete with other pet owners all over the GLOBE. Wouldn't it be a blast if your pet became a Star? You'd be the talk of the town!


Please don't delay. Send us your pet's photo today and soon the Prize Winning Information could arrive in your mailbox instead of somebody else's. You and your pet may well be on your way to the prizes and recognition you both deserve! We have a new pet photo contest each quarter but we only allow one photo per household to avoid disqualification. Submit your pet pictures to our online pet photography contest and win cash and prizes. We must receive your entry ASAP to beat the entry deadline! "Pet lovers by nature are always snapping photographs of their furry children," stated Rosa Bonbeur, contest chairperson. "Our contest gives people a chance to receive cash, prizes, and worldwide exposure. Our popular Cutest Pet Photo Books read like a Who's Who of Pets. We can truly make your pet a Star," continued Bonbeur.


Encourage friends and family to enter their own pet photos for a little friendly competition. It's fun! Click here to tell your friends about the free pet photo contest Then, after you enter your pet, email as many people as possible to ask for a vote. The more votes you get, the better your chances of having your photo selected for the book, and winning one of the many prizes. If you have a great dog picture or cat picture you must enter the contest today! Good luck in our cutest pet photo contest!



How are Winners Chosen?

Winners are selected based on a rating formula that includes votes from users as well as input from our judges panel. The top rated photo of each quarter as well as the judges panel's choice each receive a $100 pet store gift certificate. The 8 quarterly winners automatically qualify for the $1,000 Grand Prize that is selected by our panel.

How are Pets Picked for the Book?

We select the photos for the book the same way we select the winner. Photos are selected based on a rating formula that includes votes from users as well as input from our judges panel, and the top 1,000 photos are included in the book.

Is the Pet Contest Available to International Entries?

If you live outside the United States, you are welcome to enter the contest as well. Although we do not speak other languages, our contest knows no boundaries. Pet lovers from around the world are encouraged to enter their favorite pet picture.

Is the Contest Limited to Dog Photos and Cat Photos?

All pet types are encouraged to enter. Dog photos and cat photos are of course the bulk of our entries. However, our judges make sure the contest is fair and equal for all of our furry friends.

How do I know how many votes my photo has received?

The number of votes each photo receives is tallied by our computer. However, at this time we do not make this information public.

How many times am I allowed to vote?

Our computer will only count one vote per internet IP address. In order to receive more votes you should forward your photo to as many people as possible.

If my photo is selected for printing how can I give permission to print the photo without making a purchase?

If your photo is selected for printing and you do not want to purchase the book, please send us a letter via postal mail giving us permission to print your photo along with your signature.

Can I Have Multiple Pets in the Same Photograph?

The pet photo may contain more than one pet but only one picture per household will be accepted to avoid disqualification. You may enter a new pet photo once every Quarter.

Can I Enter By Postal Mail?

We no longer accept photo contest entries by postal mail.

Are Your Books Printed in Full Color?

To dispel the myths spread in internet chat rooms, our books are printed in full color on top of the line photography paper. Our very first title was printed in black and white but we quickly recognized our readers prefer to see the photos in full color. With each passing year our books get better and better. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee on Book Purchases?

Yes, if you purchase one of our Cutest Pet Photo Books and are unhappy for any reason we will gladly send you a refund. Simply return your book in the original packaging along with a short note explaining the reason for requesting a refund. Our return rate is less than 1/2 of 1% because our books are terrific. The biggest complaint we receive is the amount of time it takes to print and ship our books. Unfortunately, we cannot print the book on demand and ship the same day but we are shortening the timeline as we continue to grow and add new staff members.

Is It True You Offer A Discount to Veterinarians?

We offer a large discount to recognized veterinary and animal clinics so our books are commonplace in clinic waiting areas.

Do I Give Up The Copyrights To My Pet Photo By Entering?

You will retain the copyrights to your pet photo and any copying of your photo by website viewers is strictly forbidden.

Will My Personal Information Be Viewable Online?

Dog pictures, cat pictures, etc. will be published online for all of the world to see. However, your personal information other than your name and pet's name cannot be viewed by anyone other than the judges. After you enter the contest, you will be able to search by your name or confirmation number on our website. Only your name and pet's name are displayed alongside your pet photo contest entry. If for any reason you would like your pet photo removed from our website, simply let us know.

Do People Really Win?

Not only do real people just like you win....They win big! A few of our past winners in the contest include: Daniel Hawley of Massachusetts - $5,000.00 Cash Candice Robinson of Arkansas - $1,000.00 Cash Connie Ernske of Ohio - $1,000.00 Cash

Do I Have To Go Anywhere to Collect A Prize?

The prizes in the contest will be sent by postal mail. Although your prize will be mailed to you, we ask for your permission to use your name and photograph in our marketing efforts. Your personal information will not be given out if you are selected as a contest winner.

Is the Pet Contest Open To Professionals?

We believe that our pet contest should be limited to non-professional amateur pet photographers. Normal everyday pet lovers that enjoy taking snapshots of their pets are allowed to enter but professional photographer entries should not be submitted.

Should I Submit A High Resolution Pet Photo?

Our entry system will automatically reduce the size of your pet photograph file, so a high resolution photo is not recommended. As long as your pet's picture does not appear "pixaleted" on your computer, it should be acceptable for entry.

If My Pet Photograph Is A Winner Will It Be Published In Magazines?

We may use your winning photograph in our advertisements. Past winners have had their photos appear in national publications such as Dog Fancy and Parade Magazine. In addition your photograph could be published in our club magazine or our series of photography books.

How Many Entries Each Month Are Semi-Finalists?

Our website is now totally controlled by online voting. Our computer logs each vote received and our contest staff then picks the photos eligible for the honor of being a semi-finalist. The actual number varies each month, depending on the total number of entries, but the percentage is roughly 10%. Last year, nearly 1,500 photos were selected for printing in our photography book.

Where Is Your Office Located?

Our company is a true internet company to the core. We were started by pet loving web designers working from their homes and have continued to work from our homes as the website has grown. Many people make up the ownership of the company but we all maintain our personal freedom by not being tied down to a 9-5 schedule like your local baker or candlestick maker. Our phones are answered by humans (when we are not too busy) and emails are usually returned in a timely fashion unless they find their way into our bulk folder and are lost forever. We do not respond to emails if the answer is obvious or can be easily found on our website. Our phone lines are reserved for customers only so please do not call us to inquire about a contest entry.

Am I Going To Be Spammed To Death If I Enter?

No, our company does not condone spam. We will send you no more than a few notices to tell you about our website and then you will never hear from us again. We do not sell your information to other companies so your email address is safe with us.

If My Photo Is Selected For Publication Will I Receive A Free Copy Of The Book?

We do not give our books away for free except to select charities. Our contest is and will remain a free contest. Therefore, we must make revenue in order to give away cash & prizes and to afford to keep the website online. We will, however, allow you to purchase a copy of the book at a discounted price if your pet is selected for inclusion as we understand you may like to own a copy of the book as a keepsake. The discount is nearly 25% off of the retail price of $89.99.

Do You Donate Books To Charities?

We will on occasion donate our Cutest Pet Photo Books to choice charities. We recently donated a large number of books to a local children's hospital for use on "Bring Your Pet To The Hospital Night". Needless to say our books were a major hit with the kids. If you would like us to consider donating to a specific charity in your area, please send us an email. We love humane societies and children's hospitals.

Is This Website A Scam or a Phishing Site?

Our website has been online for many years now. We have received tens of thousands of photos and have many thousands of satisfied book buyers. Our return rate is less than 1/2 of 1%. We have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau and respond quickly to any customer disputes. We take pride in our site and our books. We are very proud to be the Who's Who Of Pets and hope to be the #1 site for pet photos for many years to come! Don't be surprised if we stroke your ego a little bit because we know you are a proud pet owner that will appreciate hearing how beautiful your pet is.